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We offer personal advice as well as being available to explain the benefits of the Boeckmann manufacturing technology over anything else on the New Zealand market.


How heavy are the floats?

Boeckmann horse floats are lightweight. They range from 861kg to 1,100kg for our straight loading floats and up to 1,670kg for our angle loader range. Find all dimensions and weights here.

How does the float travel empty?

As well as it does loaded. All models are very well balanced with minimal weight on the tow bar and come with class-leading suspension (one shock absorber per wheel and some even with independent 4-wheel sprung suspension). And there is less wind resistance due to the aerodynamic shape.

What are the float's dimensions chest to rear stall bar?

They are adjustable from 185cm to 170cm at the standard 165cm height.

What towball size is required?

50mm. We can supply both 50 mm or interchangable towballs that interchange between 50mm and 1 inch 7/8. We can exchange the tow ball for free on pick up.

What about spare parts?

A wide range of spare parts are held in stock in NZ. If a spare part is required from Germany it typically arrives within two weeks.

Can we put Western saddles on the saddle rack?

Yes, we offer tack rooms with racks for Western saddles.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, we offer financing through Crediflex. Find out more here.

Where are the floats made?

The floats are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany. We import the floats fully assembled (angle loaders). Straight loaders arrive with their wheels off so they fit in the container.

How do I get my float to the South Island?

Your float will be shipped and arrive into Lyttleton port where you can collect the float. We will arrange everything for you. The cost for this service is around $950 to $1,200 depending on the model. Alternatively, we can take the float to Wellington port to go onto the ferry service to Picton.

If I order a float or trailer, how long will it take?

We always have stock of the most popular models. Please check here for our current stock. If we need to order a float from Germany it will take around 18 weeks - for trailers it is around 12 weeks.

Where can I see a Boeckmann float or trailer?

Come and visit us here in Katikati (30min north of Tauranga). If you tell us where you are based, we will put you in touch with the closest Boeckmann float/trailer owner.