Champion C - Pony

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Boeckmann horse floats champion Pony.jpg

Champion C - Pony


Boeckmann's entry-level C-models come packed with lots of standard features and are the easiest way of owning a Boeckmann float. It's robust aluminium finish, adapted height and interior to suit small horses, class-leading suspension, superb braking and great towing characteristics make this float the ultimate CHAMPION.

$19,000 incl. GST

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  • Weight: 840kg
  • Tow rating: 2000kg
  • Interior dimensions: 2120mm high x 1650mm wide x 3100mm long
  • Exterior dimensions: 2550mm high x 2200mm wide x 4500mm long
  • Horse bay dimensions: 825mm wide x 155cm to 170cm long (adjustable)

Standard features ...

  • Fully galvanised steel frame designed for heavy loads (galvanised steel frame with 8-point bolt connection to the longitudinal beam construction)
  • Boeckmann lowered comfort suspension chassis CFF plus® (rubber torsion bar with individual shock absorbers)
  • Superb German four-wheel mechanical braking system featuring auto reverse
  • Cast lockable Knott coupling (fits 50mm ball size)
  • 15" heavy-duty commercial steel wheels and tyres plus spare wheel
  • Impact resistant composite mudguards
  • Double web profile anodised aluminium side walls (1500mm high)
  • Aerodynamic fibreglass bow and roof available in different colours
  • Aluminium floor covered with anti-slip rubber flooring (fully glued and sealed)
  • 2 large tinted and dazzle-free perspex opening windows
  • Ramp with gas shocks and non-slip rubber safety mat with treads and side stops
  • Tarpaulin flap with integrated net above ramp (auto-lift)
  • Boeckmann height & length adjustable, external rapid release safety stall bars (MSS)
  • Swiveable and fully removable centre partition avaiable at different heights (standard 145cm)
  • Durable High Density Polyethylene internal side kick protection
  • Padded sides and chest bars
  • Interior lighting
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty

Colour options

Fibreglass parts: anthracite black metallic, silver metallic, white, dark blue metallic, red metallic, green metallic, flame red, yellow, royal blue, magenta, yellow-green, deep-orange and any custom colour or decor.

Body, roof, fender and brace colours can be mixed in any colour combination.

Optional extras

  • Anti-skid coupling (up to 2,7 t total weight)
  • Boeckmann WCF®-chassis (4-wheel independent sprung suspension)
  • Weather-proof protective cover for coupling and jockey wheel
  • Mudguards in fibreglass finish
  • Alloy rims
  • Rear view mirror for coupling procedure
  • Rear ramp / door combination
  • Lockable fibreglass flap above rear ramp
  • Climbing aid (foldable mounting block)
  • Third brake light at rear ramp
  • Exterior storage bar for saddle and saddle blanket
  • Roof vents for extra ventilation
  • Additonal access door at the front
  • Additional rubber mat for wear protection
  • Full width chest and butt bars
  • Additional interior lighting at rear
  • Foldable foal gates
  • Feeding trough with holder and carry handle
  • Head divider / stallion guard
  • Wireless video monitoring device (2 cameras)
  • Decor motif on each side wall (small or large)
  • Sulky holder on rear ramp

Boeckmann decors

Enhance the appearance of your Boeckmann horse float with a small or large decor designed by Jan Kuenster. Decors are available in silver, black or multicoloured. On request we will be happy to create decors and decor sizes to your specifications.