Boeckmann Horse Float Range

Boeckmann designs high quality horse floats. From double straight loaders to triple angle loaders, with a variety of wall materials and added features, Boeckmann can satisfy your individual needs as well as your budget. Bright white interiors, functional design, cool and quiet rides for your horses are only some of the unique Boeckmann float features.


Portax Range

With the robust anodised aluminum Portax series both horse and rider experience top notch comfort before, during and after travelling.

Angle Loader Traveller Range

The Traveller series is ideal for professional and amateur riders offering super strong anodised aluminum rear facing double and triple angle loaders.

Aluminium Range

The Champion series is Boeckmann’s robust anodised aluminum class. Well protected by the anodisation process, the Champion models are cool, sleek and sporty.

Fibreglass Range

The beautiful fibreglass series is unequalled in the features they offer horse and rider. Light in total weight, but strong and durable, this is an excellent choice for a horse float.

Duo Range

Boeckmann's plywood series - in its durable 13-ply Finnish Baltic Birch laminate superstructure - is all about combining affordable style with maximum functionality.


Things to consider when buying a new float

The right float should create a secure and reassuring environment for your horse to travel in and have space for all your gear. It should be easy to use as well as easy to tow. Choosing a float that best meets your needs is a process that combines an understanding of engineering, safety, comfort and usability.

Size and weight – always try to match the size of the float to the size of your horses to provide comfortable travel for them. The stall area should be adjustable in height AND length. Internal height is important especially when carrying big horses. Check the towing limit of your car as well as the permissible load on the tow bar.

Safety – The important bits are to be found under the float: chassis and floor construction, suspension and brakes are much more important than a fancy paint job. Safety for your horses inside the float is vital. Can the chest and rear bars be disconnected without entering the float in case of an emergency?

Ease of handling – Mostly it is ladies who have to hitch the float onto the car and take it off, raise and lower the jockey wheel, open and lift the ramp and do the driving.

Durability and re-sale value – Everyone is aware of rust as a big killer. A chassis that is welded after manufacture can be a big problem as can the steel sheeting where it is riveted to the frame. The floor is another potential problem area.

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